Radius API

APIs to support the Session Management Functions of the MOVE Service.\n\n**These APIs are internal APIs and are not to be directly exposed to customers.** \n\nThe Session Management Functions fall into the following distinct categories:\n\n1. **Static IP Address Pool Management**: APIs to provision Static IP addresses within RADIUS Authorization Servers. \n2. **Static IP APN Management**: APIs to provision the APN to into RADIUS Authorization Servers for the Static IP Address service. \n3. **Real Time Session Data**: APIs to access Real Time Dession Data recorded by RADIUS Accounting Servers.\n \n\n4. **Real Time Session Flow Data**: APIs to manage Real Time Session Flow Data recorded by vProbe function on the packet gateways\n\n \n5. **Historical Session Data**: APIs to access historical session data from the ElasticSearch repository of CDR records from MOVE Packet Gateways.\n

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